Beat therapeutic on ancient frequencies of Ascension


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Колокола плоские — Било терапевтическое, много-тональное, по древним частотам Вознесения
This is a unique development based on the tones of the ancient solfeggio - called Ascension frequencies!
Consists of 9 plates, tuned to the frequency of Ascension or the so-called ancient Pythagorean order! The sounds of each bell solve a specific problem, described below. The uniqueness of the flat bell is the combination of additional tones that enhance the fundamental tone of the sound. One beat contains a choir of 5 voices and more than 20 overtones.
Description of flat beats from low to higher tones:
Safety and pain relief Rejuvenation and restoration of damaged tissues Reproductive system, kidneys, dissolving grievances and feelings of guilt Transformation and the will to change Joy and miracles of realization Harmonization of relationships, regeneration of cells Cleansing cells of toxins, disclosing self-expression Awakening intuition and foresight of the future Tuning into spiritual flow
The belfry is created individually for your request and only on a prepayment basis! The production time depends on the complexity of the selected configuration. Price: the price includes a light collapsible stand and 3 hammers
From aluminum - 1800 euros From acoustic brass - 2000 euros From therapeutic bronze (the most voluminous and longest sound for sound therapy) - 2400 euros From titanium - 2600 euros


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