Bell of Fertility and Abundance


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Fertility bell
Made in the shape of an egg - this is a perfect form of nature, emitting the same perfect sound, carrying the wave information of the embryo - the appearance of something new, harmonious and beautiful in the material world. The amazing thing is that all egg shapes have exactly the same proportions - regardless of their size. After years of research and calculations, the master came to the conclusion that only an absolutely precise form of nature has such a perfect sound. And not only due to the proportions, mass and shape itself, but also due to a certain acoustic metal alloy. The effect is greatly enhanced by inlay or engraving on the bell. Which carries information about fertility, abundance and birth.
For whom: The sound of the bell will be especially useful for women who want to get pregnant, creative people in search of a muse, businessmen and entrepreneurs who give birth to new projects, children who are learning a new world.
Bell technical parameters: Desktop copy on a wooden stand with a calatushka. Size: 30 cm high, 20 cm wide. Production material - acoustic bronze.
Price - 230 euros without incrustation 330 euros with inlay
2) Massage beat for therapy, outdoor on a wooden stand. Size: height 60 cm, width 40 cm. Manufacturing material - acoustic bronze. Price - 528 euros without incrustation 639 euros with inlay


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